100 years ago the Wright brothers took their first flight everyone thought they are crazy and human will never fly or leave Earth.
100 years later we are flying and we went to the Moon 60 years ago and all of a sudden we stopped, and we got used to the idea of sending satellites and probes to Explorer other planets which it will take years and years if not 100 years more. Example the Cassini satellite was launched in October 15th 1997 to explore our solar system nearly 20 years later in September 15th 2017 entered the planet Saturn orbit on its final Approach ending its mission. Not to downplay it’s important, we have learned a lot from the Cassini satellite it was a major achievement for all Humanity and for science. but now we need to move to a different level we need to develop better and faster engines to take us there not in months and years but maybe in days or shorter.
In order to do it need three essential elements.

1: Better payload delivery system from earth to orbit cost-effective reusable and easy to maintain.At Mars Tower Technology we are working on one stage system lunch instead of the conventional Rockets.

2: Vehicle can take cargo and crew from orbit to their destination planet quicker and safer, Need to provide safety from radiation and it has its own gravity field generator to support the crew for long-Duration in space etc. Some of us know the lack of gravity in space can wreak havoc on the human body, Astronauts usually exercise between 2 and 3 hours every day to keep fit because lack of gravity.At Mars Tower Technology we have developed 4 Prototype engines can take us to our destinations not in years and in months but in days.We also develop gravity tiles that mimic Earth gravity and heat shield radiation Shield combined at 5 mm thick sufficient to protect from solar radiation and gamma radiation and heat resistant up to 5000 degrees.Suffice to say while most space Company still playing in the sandbox our research and development lab planning to put human in the Alpha Centauri star system in the next 5 years.

3: when reaching the designated Target or Planet the ability to sustain the crew via Landing vehicle and ability to provide their own food and oxygen and use the resources around them.

To ensure the survival of our species we must leave our planet and look for alternative one. It is no longer a luxury it is a must. In light of what happened with the new disease COVID-19 or the corona virus that decimated our economy and made people afraid to leave their homes in fear of catching the disease and dying. I am sure if we could have left and abandoned our cities all of us would have done it. But there was no place to go because of the disease spread out so quickly and enveloped all countries because of the ease to travel from country to country in our current time. we all get hit at once there was no place safe on this planet. It becomes clear what happened to the civilisation that came before us and how they disappeared all of a sudden, It’s safe to say a disease wiped them all out quickly. I am not an archaeologist but In my opinion I think this is what happened to the Mayans and the Egyptians and many other cultures. Archaeology showed us that cities and many others they were teeming with life and prosperity all of a sudden they vanish without a trace they abandoned their cities leaving everything behind to escape some kind of disaster.
And now here we are we need to get together and start thinking and developing ways to move a lot quicker and discover new habitable planets it is necessary we have to start seriously thinking and the time of the essence. We will not know when the next disaster will hit us either an asteroid or a disease and I think history showed us not if it’s going to happen it’s when is going to happen. If we are not prepared for the next one we all going to lose.