Our vision

Our vision is to improve space traveling and utilized better technology to help in the development of traveling further and discover more planets. The technology that we are using today has been in use for the past 60 years, Yes we achieved a lot, but we are still way behind. We went to space in 60s using technology less much advanced than we are using in smart phones today. At Mars Tower Technology we are developing reusable space vehicle to be the workhorse that deliver payloads to orbit and come back and go back up again using little time possible. We Create The Future In Technology Space Engines, Robotics, Gravity Plates, Renewable Power Source, Magnetic Shielding, Drones, Rover’s, Vehicles, Etc At Mars Tower Technology We are doing just that, we have designed 3 different types of engines to get us there quickly and effectively dramatically cutting down on time reaching the target​. And new material for heat and radiation resistant we invented new material at 10 mm is providing 100% radiation and gamma radiation resistant and providing heat shield at the same time from heat source 5000 degrees.



Using robots

Using robots to work in space or on a planet it’s essential before we can send humans. Space is a very hostile environment for humans to conduct any kind of activities specially when you are dealing with the unknown, using robots to do all the heavy lifting. And building research facilities can be very beneficial to everyone. Robots are essential elements in any project that will be conducted in space. Having said that there is no alternative then sending a human eventually to conduct more research, to send a human you need to consider so many ways get there quickly and safely.

At Mars Tower Technology we are making advancement in scientific and research and development.

We are closer today to sending humans to Mars than we were to sending men to the moon in 1961,
Currently United States relies on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft and SpaceX recently to get astronauts to the International Space Station. That is set to change, as private spaceflight companies have taken on the challenge of building a system to launch humans and cargo to space.